1.How long does my church have to be established to apply for membership?

ANS: We have no existence requirement for your church.  Your purpose was placed inside you before you were birthed into this world. 

  1. Are ONLY pastors allowed membership into the Surge International Alliance?

ANS: No. ministry leaders and organizers are extended membership opportunities into the Surge International Alliance, as well as Senior/Lead pastors.

  1. Is there a requirement regarding the church size of the church congregation?

ANS: No. We have no size requirements for the church congregation or ministry.

  1. What are the financial responsibilities?

ANS: We have no STANDARD financial responsibilities or fees beyond the sign up fee of $150.00, registration fees for workshops, conference and events.

  1. Do you require a background check for membership?

ANS: Yes, a background check is a part of the membership application. However, the results of the back-ground check do not necessarily, prohibit your application being approved.

  1. How long does it take to get an answer on my application for membership?

ANS: Typically from the time of receipt, you will receive an answer within 3 days.