Annette Rivers Workshops - Training is a necessity for success in any field or category. It is the responsibility of the pastor to seek wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Accepting the call and assignment of God is only the prerequisite. Each Alliance member is offered the opportunity to attend workshops on ministry tailored topics to include but not limited to; infrastructure, staff development, financing the vision, 501c3 tax exemption status and payroll.

Counsel - Leadership is confronted and face multiple challenges and opposition as they endeavor to establish and operate in the alignment of God. Leaders constantly pour out to congregation, members, and others. There is a great need and demand for leadership to be able to talk to someone without judgement and in confidentiality. SIA allow scheduled and URGENT counsel to alliance leaders. (Proverbs 12:15 KJV).

Prayer - Through the Surge Source prayer team, prayers are consistently going up before God for the leadership, church, and ministry. Members are welcome to place prayer request via email to the surge source ministry team. Each pastor has the benefit of establishing a prayer annex of the surge source. From your congregation, a team will be trained for establishing and operating a prayer center as an extension of your ministry.

Exposure - Workshops, symposiums, conferences, etc. are conducted through out the year on multiple occasion. Often, through these events, people are encouraged, souls are saved, deliverance is received, and, lives are changed. Our purpose is to direct and lead souls into the Kingdom of God. To effectively do this, there must be a continued exposure of His love, deliverance, and power. As a ministry alliance member, you will have the opportunity to win the souls and continue to nourish them. Persons designated by senior or lead pastor will attend a preparedness class for altar working and outreach support, they will be skilled on altar working and developing and maintaining communication with guest.

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